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    Any use of the iboxingtickets.com Gift Card (the “Card”) is subject to the following conditions of use:
    The Card can only be redeemed on www.iboxingtikctes.com or www.imaatickets.com  in the United Kingdom.
    The balance on the Card may be used for full or part payment of the GB Pounds sterling cost of iboxingtickets.com or immatickets.com products and services. No change will be given for any remaining value. 
    -The Card is not a cheque guarantee, credit or charge card.
    -The Card cannot be exchanged or redeemed in whole or in part for cash
    -Gift Card must be redeemed within the expiry date printed on the card (6 months from date of purchase) but can be used for an event that falls outside of this expiry date
    -No VAT is charged when buying the Card
    -iboxingtickets or immatickets.com may withdraw or cancel the Card and require an alternative form of payment if iboxingtickets.com or immatickets.com suspects that the Card may have been stolen or fraudulently used. Further action may also be taken.
    -Keep the Card safe and treat as cash, immatickets.com will not accept any liability for lost, stolen or damaged Cards or for any remaining balance on the Card.
    -iboxingtickets.com reserves the right to amend or supplement these conditions or discontinue the Card at any time.