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    Have an event coming up? Let us help

    Whether its Professional boxing, White collar boxing, unlicensed boxing or even amateur boxing, iboxingtickets.com can sell your tickets for you. 

    The beauty of selling via us is that you as the seller retain 100% of the face value of the ticket. We add a booking fee on top (this is to cover card transaction fees & then our fee) but the full price of the ticket is passed onto you. 

    We create content & promotional material and promote via our social media platforms, all at our own cost! 

    We don't tie people down to exclusivity contracts, we want you to sell as many tickets as you can. We are here to help you not restrict you.

    So in short: a financially risk free online ticketing platform that creates content for you & promotes your shows for you at zero cost. If we don't sell any tickets, we don't earn any money. There is no catch & no downside. 

    Making it hassle free and easy to sell via us. To find out more please contact us today via the contact us page.